Techniques and Practices

Most of the Instruction modules represent standalone techniques and practices that take the form of a step-by-step series of actions, with some commentary for understanding their purposes. These are offered to anyone interested, and especially those interested in practicing magic.  Basic Training modules represent root level skills. The Intermediate modules assume the basic skills have been mastered, and represent various modes of magic working. The Advanced modules deliver a comprehensive system of ritual magic suitable for individuals or small groups. 

Basic Training

These skills can be taken in any order, one at a time or concurrently

There are many forms of meditation. Focal meditation is a specialized form with magical effects of its own, and many applications in more advanced techniques. 

Learn the basic techniques for sensing magical energy, and working with it in useful ways that have many applications in a magic practice. 

A complete system of journaling does more than record events. Proper journaling is a itself a developmental exercise with far reaching effects.  


Intermediate Modes of Working

These Techniques and Practices afford opportunities to exercise the basic skill, and may be taken in any order. They are perhaps best taken in and mastered one at a time. 

A general purpose spell casting procedure is detailed here, step by step. Explicit commentary is included so that each step is understood and performance expectations can be established. 

Sigils and seals are personally-created symbols for use in magic operations. This instruction provides step-by-step procedures for the classic Spare-style sigil method, and a novel Zodical method. 

Magic mirrors are part of the magical lore of virtually every known culture. The scrying technique developed here builds on a natural visual phenomenon that becomes a powerful tool of magic when mastered. Once the basic technique, a sampling of practical applications will take it it to the next level.

Making magic with the Facial Reflection-Distortion technique takes more than getting the visual effect. These step-by-step instructions provide the necessary preparations for various applications, and illustrate a general approach to succussful mirror magic.

Modern Poppet Magic

Most world cultures have a history of various forms of effigy magic. The system described here incorporates common modern magic techniques, rooted in the Western Esoteric Tradition, into a self-contained, person-specific, general purpose system of practical magic. 

Advanced Work: The System

The following modules should be taken in order and mastered before moving on the next module

Terrestrial Zodiac

Currently Under Construction

Terrestrial Zodiac

Currently Under Construction

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Terrestrial Zodiac

Currently Under Construction