Tolkien Inspired Magic Mirror (convex)


In a secluded glade in Lothlórian, the Lady of the Wood, Galadriel, invited Frodo to gaze into her magic mirror. Frodo asks, “What will I see?” The Lady answers, “The mirror shows many things, things that were, things that are, and some things that yet may be. But which is seen, even the wisest cannot tell.”

Here, a the mirror speaks these same sentiments for itself in the inscription around the mirror, written in Tolkien’s Tegwar script, a phonetic Elvish alphabet used in a few languages.

The black mirror mounted onto the wooden box is 7 inches in diameter and made of convex glass. Convex black mirrors are a preferred scrying device for many modern practitioners. A basic scrying method for convex black mirrors is provided below.

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Convex Black Mirror Scrying

These instructions are useful with this lovely Tolkien Inspired magic mirror, or any convex shaped scrying mirror. Note that convex mirrors are not ideal for the facial reflection-distortion technique, which require a facial reflection that convex mirrors don’t produce.

Scrying sessions are best conducted in a candlelit room with no other sources of light. Be mindful that things occasionally go wrong with burning candles, and that this technique involves something of a trance state wherein you might not notice if something does go wrong. It is therefore recommended that you have room attendant while scrying under candlelight. The attendant should be seated out of view and remain quiet but alert during the session. The attendant may also serve as a secretary, to right down anything the scrying reports at the end of the session.

Room Arrangement
  1. You may be seated or standing while scrying, as is your preferences. It’s a good idea to experiment with both at different times to learn what works best. Either way, arrange the room so that you can comfortably gaze at the mirror surface for an extended period withing having to look up, down or side to side very much. A slightly downward gazing position tends to be most comfortable for most people. Experiment here too to learn what works best for you.
  2. Arrange 5 or more candles around the room at a distances of at least 4 feet from the mirror, further is generally better. You don’t want any candles in your direct visual field. Candles in your peripheral vision are okay.
  3. If possible, have two of the candles aligned to your gazing direction: one directly behind the mirror and one directly behind yourself. You should not be able to see the candle behind the mirror, and the flame of the candle behind you should not be directly reflected in the mirror.

It’s common for beginners to try scrying simply for the sake of learning how to do it, by simply gazing with no specific question or purpose in mind. Experience, however, teaches that scrying tends to be more effective if there’s a very specific purpose for it, usually a question. More the better if the desired outcome of the situation in question is really important. Learning how to scry is therefore aided if the learner only by a real need of something specific. Given a specific and pressing need, the scrying event itself benefits from a few days or preparatory contemplation, as follows:

  1. At least 3 days before the planned event, spend some time thinking about the issue to be addressed. Develop a list of potential people involved, a list of knowns and unknowns, a list of things under your control and not under your control, and other aspects of the scenario that may be important. From these lists, develop a concept of what you might need to learn that would help you gain some control over the uncontrollable aspects.
  2. On the next day, spend some time refining your conception of the unknowable and uncontrollable factors. Repeat until the very day before the operation.
  3. On the day before the operation, spend time musing about the world as it should be.
An Opening Procedure

If you have a circle casting or other ritual you tend to follow for doing magic, use it as an opening for scrying as well. Immediately follow with  by something specific to your scrying sessions. If not, develop an opening procedure for scrying sessions, some unique sequence of actions that you’ll never use for anything else. It can be simple or elaborate according to your own proclivities. A simple example is to have a small bell or gong that you never ring for any other reason.

The Session
  1. Get into position, take a few deep, cleansing breaths, and relax.
  2. Spend some time doing “energy work” (see below).
  3. Spend a few minutes bringing the issue to mind. Recall your preparatory work and fill yourself with your feelings about the purpose of the session.
  4. Then begin to gaze into the mirror. There are no specific instructions to offer beyond this point. Learning proceeds in a trial and error manor, save one specific instruction. If your mind wanders onto some other topic while gazing, don’t be bothered by it. Let the extraneous thoughts go as easily as they came. If you find yourself chasing an external thought in your mind, gently bring yourself back on point be recalling your feelings about the issue at hand.
Ending the Session
  1. When you’re ready to stop the session, gently move your body, little by little, gradually building up to a gentle stretch.
  2. Follow a formal closing procedure, or generally refers the actions you performed to open the session.
  3. Speak out anything worth noting about the session. Include including things seen, heard, or felt. If an attendant is present, they should take notes, otherwise, after speaking out the observances, write then down yourself.

Wait at least one day, then reread the session notes and think about what they meant. There are no further instructions here. Learning proceeds as a trial and error process.

About the “Energy Work”

Energy work, when practiced regularly, tends to open the practitioner to non-ordinary types of information. As a generality, a well-practiced magical energy routine tends to foster perceptual expertise for what many describe as other-worldly events. Any form of “energy work” is useful. Basic instruction for a common method are found here.


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