Goetic Temple Box Set, with all 72 Seals


We took a wooden craft box and laser engraved the top with the temple layout form The Goetia. To complete the set we laser engraved all 72 Seals on wooden discs.

The hinged box is 11 X 8 X 1-1/2 inches with a metal clasp. The Seals are on 1-inch birch discs and fit nicely within the triangle d’art.


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Tiny Temple Magic

Not many of us have the space, wherewithal, or inclination to construct a full-scale Goetic temple. We have a solution: Tiny Temples. Yes, even if you live in a one room flat with a kitchen too small for a trash can, you can still practice Goetic Magic in style, right on your coffee table.

We can rest assured that our Medieval forebears were innovative in their day, working with the traditions they inherited but adapting their methods to the times and resources at hand. We owe it to their legacy to adapt the magic we inherited from them to our own times.

The Tiny Goetic Ritual

  1. Place your Goetic Temple Box Set on the coffee table
  2. Select the target Demon’s Seal and place in face down on the table near the Tiny Temple
  3. Draw yourself a bath and toss in a hyssop sachet
  4. Get into the tub (speech optional)
  5. Get out of the tub
  6. Don your cleanest bathrobe and down a hoppy IPA (speech optional)
  7. Take a seat on the couch and place the Seal into the Tiny Triangle d’art
  8. Speak out the conjuration using the Spirit’s name (version of choice)
  9. When the Demon appears, don’t laugh that it’s tiny. After all, you’ve conjured it to a Tiny Temple and laughing might piss it off.
  10. Welcome the Demon.
  11. Gather the desired intel and issue your commands. For obvious reasons, your demands should be appropriately tiny.
  12. When finished, speak out the licence to depart.
  13. Toss the Seal back into the box and return your Goetic Temple Box Set to the shelf under the TV.

Sit back and wait for your tiny results.



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