Feather Quill and Journal Set


This lovely feather quill dip pen set is a fantastic addition to your magical bag of tricks. One of the enduring features of magic practices through the ages is that magic acts are special in some way, easily distinguished from the more mundane things that we do. While picking up a feather quill in and of itself doesn’t make magic happen, when used for nothing else but magic, and integrated in your overall practice, this pen really can be mightier than the sword (although, if you need a sword, we’ve got those too!).

Journaling can be a magical act in its right. Whether using the Developmental Journaling technique or your own method, this set comes with a hand-crafted a leatherbound hand-journal. It’s small at 5 X 3.75 inches, perfect for a small alter, easily taken with, or tucked away.

The Quill comes with a fine point nib and 5 standard calligraphy nibs, and a stand. The set is complete with a 2 oz jar of black india ink, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.

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Keeping a Spell Journal

The classic Book of Shadows idea is both common and useful. This Spell Journal, however, is not that. Rather, each act of writing in the journal is itself a magic spell. To practice this type of magic all you really need is a special journal to be used for this purpose and no other, and a pen that will only be used for writing in this special journal. And then, of course, you’ll need goals to use magic for. And while any pen and journal could be used, this Feather Quill and Journal Set is ideal for this purpose.

Then there’s a method to consider. If you’re a seasoned magic practitioner, chances are you won’t need help in that department. The following is offered to anyone with interest:

With all items needed to complete the spell neatly arranged on a work surface (table, dresser top, etc.)…

  • Have a definite beginning procedure that distinguishes the act of performing a Journal Spell from¬† your day to day activities. This can be as simple as rubbing a new candle with oil, setting it in a holder, and lighting it, so long as you never do that for any reason but to initiate a magic act. A more comprehensive opening ritual can also be used. Most such rituals start with an act of clearing the space and the operator of potential distractions, a signal that the operation has begun (such as ringing a bell or wrapping on a table three times), an invocation of some sort, to deities if that’s your bag, to aiding energies, or to your own higher self.
  • Have an act that signals the operative portion of the spell. In this case, opening your spell journal to a fresh page and taking up a the magical writing implement will do the trick.
    • If you’ve developed a sigil or seal to represent your magical goal, draw it out as carefully as you’re able. In most cases, nothing else is need. In one respect, the simple act of drawing the sigil into your special spell journal is enough to set the magic in motion. Spending some time gazing at the sigil with a clear mind is also a good idea. Meaningful insights often occur while gazing mindlessly at a magical symbol.
    • If your spell takes the form of a poem or other linguistic construct, write that out in the journal, and treat it in the manner described above.
  • It’s common to spend a few moments in a general state of gratitude at this point. If you invoked deities, energies, or your higher self, thank them/it, if not verbally than in your heart.
  • Finally, have a formal closing procedure. Reversing the opening procedure is a common approach. Whatever you do, make it clear that the spell is over and you’re now returning to your normal activities.

Then have a little something to eat. Nothing brings you back down to earth better that a little nosh.


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