Magick Training

The fundamental basis of the Neuromagick Ritual Magick Training Program will now be available as a series of documents under the heading of 21st Century Magick. New documents will be added as they are developed, so please check back often. Aspirants who wish to ask questions and/or discuss these documents or any aspect of the system are encouraged to visit the Occult Corpus website and post questions there. The primary author of the system and some individuals who engaged in the previously offered-online training courses frequent the site, as do other learned and well-practiced individuals who routinely engage in occult-related discourse of all sorts. 

21st Century Magick

Knowledge Lectures

A Magician's Zodiac: The Central Glyph 

An Empirical Approach to Magical and Mystical Development

The Literal and the Poetic

Developmental Goals for the Magician's Zodiac

Developmental Journaling

Magical Moments

A Sensory Basis of Intuition: A Role for the Classical Elements in 21st Centruy Magick

The Theoretical Basis of Practical Magick


Development of Elemental Awareness

Elemetnal Awarenss Continued: The Inner and Outer Cycles

Energy Work: Making Elemental Awareness into a Tool of Focul Magick

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