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Preliminary Notes on the Scope of the Magician’s Zodiac

While the actual scope of applications of this Zodiac cannot be known until it's practiced for a good long while, a preliminary tone can be struck by considering that Time and Stars can be presumed to have their own essential natures that coherently figure into the grand Nature of things. The truth of that assumption is less important than understanding that The System is predicated upon it. The practical implications include that it’s not initially intended to impart the power to overcome or side-step those natures, or Nature writ large. Rather, the goal at the outset is to understand the occult qualities operating within the nature of things, and Nature on the whole, so as to better understand (in a mystical sense), and take advantage of (in the magical sense). To put a face on it, if a magician’s aim is to alter the effects of past events, there’s no assumption that the event itself can be erased from history, but the desired change may be achieved by other means, such as altering memory and attitudes in the present.

It is further posited that the practice of magick in keeping with the notions above can be expected to deepen mystical apprehension of both, the nature of things and of Nature.  

The Concept Magical Moments  

On a related note, even though this Zodiac does not represent a literal clock, its essential qualities do include perpetual motion and steady, measured cycling, which of course do reflect the essential natures of clock and calendar. As stated elsewhere, a fundamental assumption of the system is that everything the magician needs to know to be successful is encoded in the natural dynamics of their world, but also that the correct approach is more poetic (metaphorical) than literal. In keeping with those ideas, this Zodiac can be understood as a map of dynamic forces. That is, the perpetual motion nature of the Zodiac is reflective of constant change, and the cyclic nature of the Zodiac allows for changes of a given type to located within it.

For a simple example, consider the grossest cycles of the Zodiac, the pattern of Lightness and Darkness per annum, and its reflection at the daily level. By some understanding of the qualities of Lightness and Darkness, and the pace of transitioning from one to the other, a desired dynamic can be located on the Zodiac. A slower pace of transition is more associated with the per annum cycle of Equinoxes and Solstices, while a quicker pace equates to the daily cycle of Sunrise and Sunset, whereas if the desired dynamic is fast transitioning Darkness, say, at its Peak, the Magical Moment is around Midnight. If, however, the desired dynamic is a slow transition from Lightness to Darkness at the turning point, the Magical Moment is around the Autumnal Equinox.

A key point to keep at the forefront is that designated moments on the Zodiac neither explicitly nor implicitly refer to literal times, but to a system of correspondences that the magician must develop through study, exercise, and practice. Methods of developing personal correspondences will be taken up in future documents, but to preview for clarity at this stage, one might begin to build up associations with Lightness and Darkness by studying and contemplation of diurnal and nocturnal flora and fauna, and/or idiomatic contemplation on relevant poetic references, such as dark night of the soul, in the cold light of day, etc.   

Of course, evoking a dynamic force at that gross a level could be expected to have a rather diffuse effect. Increasing the level of detail allows for a more precise selection and more focused effects. The selection of the Lighter side of the Autumnal Equinox, for example, automatically implicates the Descendant Sign of Summer (Virgo), which itself Ascends, Peaks, and Declines. The next refinement can therefore be located at one of the Three Decanates of Virgo.

As a side note, the term Decanate refers to 10° of the Zodiacal Wheel, as each Sign occupies a 30° segment (360°/12 Signs). Although not drawn into the Glyph, more refined selections are possible: each Decanate can be subdivided into Quinances (two 5° sections per Decanate), and even down to single degrees when deemed appropriate.

A system of practical magick can therefore be understood as the selection and application of the powers represented by a Magical Moment on the Zodiac. As with the empirical development of Zodiacal correspondences within this system, methods for evoking the powers encoded as a Magical Moment will be addressed on other documents, but to preview for clarity of concept here, most forms of sympathetic magick are readily adaptable to the structure implied by this Zodiac; the Zodiac might be likened to an Alphabet of Desire for Spare-style Sigil magick; and/or, a comprehensive system of evocation magick is also a reasonable potential.     


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